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It is well known that divorce proceedings in India are very complicated and it is very tough to go through the proceedings for both parties as it is a long time process when the matter is a contested divorce case.

Our prime aim is to settle the dispute between husband and wife amicably and to convince them to continue their marital life together for welfare of children and family.

If our mediation fails, we try to convince the parties to go for Mutual Consent Divorce as the same could be completed in short span of period and without raising any allegation upon each other. We do file the Mutual Consent Divorce petitions for parties throughout India.

We do undertake the contested Divorce Litigation, Child Custody Litigation, Maintenance cases, Domestic Violence cases and many other similar kind of Litigation throughout India.


There are many options/ways by which the individual/company can recover money from the their Debtors. Not only the Civil remedy but also the Criminal remedy is available to the Creditor for recovering the outstanding amounts.

We provide the extensive service for money recovery including :

  • Filing and contesting Summary Suit as per Order 37 of Civil Procedure Code.
  • Filing and contesting Money Recovery Suit before Civil Court.
  • Filing and contesting Criminal case for Cheating and Criminal Breach of Trust.
  • Filing and contesting Cheque Bounce case U/s. 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act.

We also provide the Arbitration and Conciliation services for the effective settlement of the claims between the parties.


We undertake Litigation between Landlord and Tenant with respect to all disputes including Rent Recovery, Tenant Eviction, Standard Rent Determination, Depositing rent in Court, Declaration of Tenancy, bona-fide Requirement suit, and many more.


Over and above the Drafting and vetting of the Deeds and documents our firm also undertake the Litigations of any nature whatsoever before any court across India with reference to Immovable Properties.

We undertake the filing and/or defending the court cases including suits for specific performance of Contracts, suit for Recovering possession of Properties, Declaratory Suit, Company Petitions, Suit for enforcement of Terms of the Contract, Litigation relating to Labor law, Partnership Disputes, Redevelopment Related Litigation, Litigation under Rent Control Act, landlord Tenant Disputes, Co Operative Housing Society Dispute and many more.